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      Welcome to Mod Maniac! A website created to customize and enhance your online poker experience!

      Mod Maniac is brought to you by “tedd_e_KGB,” a part-time poker player primarily at Bovada (yes, I’m American).  I go by that name mainly because it was my username when I started playing on Full Tilt Poker, and is also my name on the TwoPlusTwo poker forum.  My graphic mods have previously been featured on, and I’ve been creating and sharing mods on TwoPlusTwo since 2008.


This site was originally launched in March, 2011 just one month prior to “Black Friday.”  Terrible timing, I know.  Only mods for Full Tilt Poker had been developed at the time, and therefore the site subsequently shut down.  Now that I’ve started playing poker again, I decided to re-launch this website to offer quality graphic mods to the poker community at low prices.


I hope you like my work and find some graphics to make grinding poker more enjoyable.  Check back often for new updates!

Mod Maniac Support & Contacts

For Questions on Products or Installing Mods:

For Orders & Site Support:


Mod Download & Installation Pointers

1. When downloading your product(s), be sure you accept/trust the file download.
2. Confirm the location/folder on your computer and be sure to save the download. (do not choose to run it)
3. Find the downloaded .zip file, right click and select "extract all" into its own file folder location. (do not double click or try to run or open files directly out of the .zip file)
4. If the .exe installer file is NOT within the file folder, then you likely have an anti-virus program running, security restriction, or no administrator privileges. Be sure to turn these things off and try to extract the .exe file again, or rename the file to .eve to extract, then rename it to .exe file type once extracted.
5. Carefully read the instructions provided with the download! (especially for MAC users)
6. Make sure your anti-virus program and or operating system do not block and allow/trust the installer when you run it. Running the installer as an administrator will often help avoid 'trust' issues or blocking of the installer.
7. Always make sure your poker client is not running when you run any installer.
8. We are always trying to improve the quality of our products and maintain the best in customer service. E-mail if you are having a problem with our products. We will do our best to fix the problem or issue a refund if necessary.

Client Software Updates

Clients (especially BOVADA/BODOG) sometimes modify, update, or change their software. There may be instances where this causes startup, client, and mod issues alike. DO NOT PANIC. First, wait for the maintenance or update to complete with the client. Be patient. Once the update is complete, the mods may still work properly. If an update affects the mod and an updated installer is required, we will work hard to get an updated installer out to our customers but cannot guarantee future compatibility. For the time that your mod is down, just use or re-install the updated client software until the new installer is released. Thank you.

All Payments Secured Verified & Processed via E-Junkie & Paypal

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